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 Celebrate your next  special occasion with a dinner party that includes all guests in the fun of cooking a  splendid 3 course meal  worth celebrating.

up to 12 guests

starting at $100 per person 

Cocktail Party

We will make your cocktail party  a fun and interactive event for you and your guests, as everyone joins in as we create a selection of appetizers.


up to 10 guests

starting at $400

It's all about the cake

All great parties include cake, join us at this  interactive cupcake making party for children.  includes a special bakery themed  gift for the birthday child.

up to 8 guests

starting at $125

(Snacks will be served & cupcakes packaged for home)

Join  us at our culinary studio

Culinary classes are hosted at our studio

188 Yonge Street Midland ON Unit A

We can also come to your home, cottage  or workplace

Bread is Beautiful!

kneed your frustrations away as you learn the art of making  beautiful artisan bread,  as you fill the kitchen  with  laughter &  fun you will be rewarded with the divine scent of  fresh baked loaves.

Bring on the butter!

up to 8 guests

starting at $250

(A light  lunch will also be served, bread will be packaged for home)

Sweet! gluten free

learn the tricks of mastering the rewarding art of gluten free sweets even gluten lovers will fall in love with. Cookies & pie's oh my!

up to 8 guests

starting at $280

(A light lunch with also be served, treats will be packaged for home)

Baking therapy!

The perfect way to bring the  satisfaction, pride and creativity of baking to social groups, seniors,children  and adults with special needs. Up to 10 participants 

starting at $150

All prices are based on selected menu's special diets can be accommodated.

Tax and travel charges may apply.

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