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I am the food I cook

In this world there are those that love to eat, and those who love to cook. I have been granted the privilege of loving both. I am lucky to have lived my entire life surrounded by an abundance of artisan breads, European cheeses, farm fresh vegetables, and German made chocolates.

I remember Saturday afternoons surrounded by my aunts, gathered in my grandmother’s kitchen making beautiful links of fresh sausage, plump cabbage rolls, hundreds of perogies filled with farmer’s cheese and fluffy potatoes. And, let’s not forget the baking. Oh the baking! Poppy seed cake, plum tart and the flakiest strudel imaginable; I am convinced my childhood baking lead me to my life’s career.

My love affair of sweet things has shaped me into the person I am today. Yes I can make a beautiful strudel, however my real passion is sharing what I create. Nothing makes me happier than knowing others are enjoying my flaky strudel. I only wish the strudel eaters could be in my grandmother’s kitchen it really was magical. I am the food I cook.

It's the little things..

Happy Birthday!

This FreshBaked chef would usually make a grand chocolate covered masterpiece, to celebrate a birthday, gluten free of course, the baker needs to indulge too!

However tonight I have a special Birthday party to attend...the guest of honor dislikes cake & chocolate and well a wine bottle is hard to put candles in!

So, I am headed to the kitchen to stir up a vat of maple bacon caramel corn for my birthday girl who loves maple syrup,popcorn and bacon of course!

It's not about the cake, celebrate with something special you created for your loved ones, IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS!

When your feeling blue..

Nothing makes this FreshBaked girl happier than making beautiful food for my friends & family, especially in the summer with all the fantastic local produce available.

This week our household was lucky enough to find beautiful blueberries from a local farm,  blueberry pie, cobbler  and tarts oh my...not in this Scandinavian household, Finnish blueberry soup (mustikkakeitto)  is on the menu, The smell of juicy berries, maple syrup,cardamom & cinnamon wafting through the house is pure happiness.

When you are feeling blue, soak in the sunshine, head to a local  farm and pick berries to your heart's content ,then head home to your kitchen and create your own blueberry happiness.

It's fun to be a jerk..

This summer I decided to become a jerk,  a soda jerk that is!

In the late 1800's soda fountains were operated by a pharmacist, As soda was created as a pleasant way to treat various aliments.  Along with products dispensed by the pharmacist it also contained flavored, sweetened syrup and carbonated water.

Pepsi started in 1893 as a digestive tonic containing pepsin, (a digestive enzyme) & kola nut (picked from the kola tree which grows in the African rain forest).  7up came into place in 1929 as cure for psychological troubles due to it's magical ingredients of lithium & citrate.

Soda fountain's were so popular the pharmacist often promoted the stock person to operate the soda machine, with it's long handle that needed to be "jerked" to dispense the carbonated water, the soda jerk was born.

Even without the medicinal properties of the early days sipping handcrafted soda is therapy itself, nothing makes this freshbaked girl happier than a sunny day with an ice cold beverage , surrounded by family & friends.  Handmade blueberry lavender soda & gin anyone?? 

Book any class in the month of August and the soda is on us. (including instruction on how you can become a jerk). Cheers!

I spy pie!


Fall is my favorite time of year especially for baking, nothing is more rewarding than the scent of  homemade apple pie wafting through the house.

Apples are filled with loads of vitamins and minerals that contribute to cleaner teeth, beautiful skin and help lower the risk of chronic diseases, not to mention the therapeutic benefits of fresh air and sunshine gained while picking nature's perfect snsnack

Spy's for pie as the old saying goes (they hold their shape after baking so your pie has beautiful slices of tender apples), but why not explore all the wonderful varieties of Ontario apple's? Pioneer mac's are super sweet &  perfect for rustic applesauce, leave the skin on it's good for you!  Looking for  a apple perfect for children?   Try a Spartan, a small apple with a sweet fresh aroma.  Who would not love a warm mug of cider, perhaps with a jigger of cinnamon whiskey,  made with juicy Golden russet. The possibilities are abundant  with a vast array of  varieties to choice from.

 Why not put on your favorite apple picking shirt and head to your nearest orchard (Meaford & Thornbury) on the shores of Georgian Bay have wonderful farms  for some good old fashioned apple picking fun?  I spy Pie!

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