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Winter Feast

Mulled cider


Spinach salad

warm bacon vinaigrette


Handmade fennel seed sausage

Beer & caraway braised red cabbage,potato pancakes,grainy mustard


cranberry ginger pudding cake 

winter spiced whipped cream





Handcrafted soda


Grilled romaine salad

smoked bacon, Asiago & cracked peppercorns


"wood-fired" pizza

artisan dough, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto,basil


Vanilla bean ice cream sundaes

salted caramel, cashew brittle


Ginger, lime and mint iced  tea


Fresh summer rolls

rice paper, carrot ,bib lettuce, basil, mango

ginger dipping sauce


Finlandia cured Atlantic Salmon

pickled red onion, fresh dill, caper cream cheese


Arugula & Parmesan flat bread

balsamic and grapefruit


Miniature  crudités

white bean & roasted garlic spread





Holiday cocktail party

(kitchen not required)

Chocolate fudge cupcakes

gluten free & vegan available


vanilla sponge cake


Buttercream frosting


Fudge icing


Marshmallow fondant



It's all about the cake
Sparkling lemonade

Bread is beautiful

Montreal style bagels

Poppy Seed

Sesame Seed


Rye & Caraway


Irish potato

 Dubliner cheese


Natural sourdough starter






Sweet! gluten free

Buttermilk biscuits

cheddar, herb 

lemon cranberry


Dutch cocoa fudge naked cake

mocha  ganache frosting, chocolate curls


Perfect pastry

potato, leek quiche

sour cherry galette






Baking therapy!

Fresh squeezed lemonaide

Seasonal  sugar cookies

Sparking glitter sanding sugar

Marshmallow fondant

"cookie " paint

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